Mission Statement


My Online Income Academy is an online education and training resource created for the purpose of teaching individuals how to put the internet to work to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to empower individuals by showing them how to create multiple streams of income online by leveraging the authority of industry leaders to create and run their own online business.

Guiding Principles

  • We recognize that without customers we have no business, therefore, our customers always come first.
  • We always try to treat others as we would have them treat us.
  • We would never ask you to do anything we would not do ourselves.

Strategy and Game Plan

My Online Income Academy’s strategy and game plan is based on the following four principles. These principles are equally important and work together to form an effective basis for making money on the internet.

  1. Build a quality list of targeted prospects.
  2. The 97/3 rule.
  3. Develop traffic and lead generation skills that enable you to provide exceptional value to your customers.
  4. Learn, Do and Teach.

1. Build a Targeted List

There is a famous saying in the world of online marketing which states…“The money is in the list, but the fortune is in the follow up.” Making money online is all about building relationships with your customers, which you do by building a list of subscribers and providing them with exceptional value. The more value you give your subscribers, the better the relationship you will have with them and the more they will trust you and be prepared to buy from you.

Now, the way to build a quality list of prospective customers (also known as prospects) is to target other entrepreneurs in your niche. This is because, like you, they are looking for solutions to grow their businesses, and they already understand the industry and the business models within the industry.

Therefore, your primary task as an online entrepreneur is to build a list of targeted prospects and develop a good relationship with them by acquiring new value and sharing it with them.

2. The 97/3 Rule

The 97/3 rule says, if 100 people see your product or business opportunity, then, 3 out of the 100 will buy your product or join your business. The other 97 will say “No.”

Now, the secret to making money online is to know how to profit from the 97% of people who say “No” to your primary offer. This is because the 97% are also looking for solutions to problems they face in growing their businesses and income, and if you can provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed, then you will be in a position to make money. This is very important, because if you rely solely on the 3% that say “Yes” to your primary offer, then your business will fail.

Therefore, another key task for you as an online entrepreneur is to position yourself to be able to make money from the people that say “No” to your primary business. Regardless of whether someone joins your primary business or not, you must be able to teach them how to earn residual income at the front end quickly, so that they do not quit. You do this through a duplicatable system that provides a direct path to success for your customers.

At My Online Income Academy we have a such a duplicatable, done for you, sale funnel that will enable you to build a list and earn residual income quickly, and teach your customers to do the same. All you have to do is drive traffic to it. Click HERE to join My Online Income Academy

3. Master Traffic and Lead Generation Skills

The third component of My Online Income Academy’s strategy and game plan is to develop an invaluable skill-set that will enable you to provide exceptional value to your customers. Our chosen skill set is Traffic and Lead Generation.

Now, traffic is the life blood of every business. It goes without saying that if you have a business and a product, then you need to get as many eyeballs as possible to see your offer, which is why we chose to master traffic and lead generation skills.

Furthermore, this also impacts directly on our ability to make money from the 97% of people that say “No” to our primary opportunity, discussed in the previous section. You see, these targeted prospects also have the problem of getting as many people as possible to see their business opportunities and if you can provide a solution by teaching them effective traffic and lead generation techniques, then you will position yourself to make a lot of money.

4. Learn, Do and Teach

Finally, at My Online Income Academy, we recognise that the internet is a fast moving, fast changing environment, which means it is important to continually invest in learning to keep pace with the rapid rate of change. Therefore, our philosophy is always to keep learning. We then apply what we learn and, when it works, we share the knowledge by teaching what we do.

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